What I do

this working 9 to 5,
putting in 40 hours just to stay alive
and fed
with roof over head
is driving me lazy.

Head in a daze
mouse in a maze
running out of time
and by the time that it’s time,

I have to give myself pep talks just to cook dinner.

and still,

I stay up too late
playing with words and paint
and biting my lip
with sexy thoughts unattained.
like a good lil sinner.

Mama’s almost winner.

I swear one day
I’m gonna get it all right!

For now,
I reap the stitches
of Manuel’s Mama
and make it so.

All that’s left
is all I need
to get right.

All that’s left
is to remember how to be whole.

And I know just the right
place to go.

Made a room for myself the other day
and dedicated it to all that is sacred.

You were there.

And I go there at least twice a day.
The acoustics are great.
And I say whatever I want to that room.

I pray to the four white walls
like the four directions,

look at myself new
in each reflection
and recognize my soul.

I go in that room and day dream
excitement and happiness for the world.

Those four walls have heard me try to be rapper a time or two.

Those four walls have felt me sing the blues

Those four walls and I sweat and stretch with each other.

Fingers tap keys
voice hits them sometimes

Everything’s a rhyme
when the realm is the reason.

I go here to be free.


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