Writing with Intent to Recite

Tonight is for writing with intent to recite
and it is reflection time.

I’ll do my best not to bully.

Being mean to One’s heart and mind does not become me
but it is becoming
a habit.

I need to drop it

And stop.

Stop neglecting the books on the shelf
and start finishing the books on the tip of my tongue and fingers.

Finish every painting I ever thought of.

Stop making poor choices with Love.
Start valuing intimacy and keep it above
just random acts with a familiar stranger.

No need to make the devils heartstrings purr.

Be a good cat,
a cool cat,
a regular Aristocat of song.

Don’t abuse the blues.
Embrace them and move along.

And just keep on with the singing

You’ll know where to go as long as your light is beaming.
So shine on playa shine on

The peace it never leaves.
It is with us all along.

So shine on lover shine on.

I forgive myself for all the broken dreams.
And for all the not finishings
and the stooper fantasies.

I forgive myself for the disappointment and for ever letting anyone down.

I forgive my reckless lifestyle.
I forgive every frown
and every wrinkled little laugh line
that exists in the design
of me.

I’m in love with all the remember that one times
and I am thankful for the gift of rhyme
and for the words that fuel me tonight.

I am happy
I’m alive.

My heart is beating at the same speed of light
and it is still showing up just a little bit behind
because of all the bruising.

But I can feel it getting better.

I forgive myself for holding on
to the songs of the past.

I’m ok with making friendships last.

Patience and gratitude pave the way to peace

and I long to find true love there.

I believe in myself more than I know of sometimes.

I need to remember that.

I believe in myself more than
and that’s a matter of fact.

I am thankful for the push of the run
and the moments when I push even harder.

I am Jane and Robert’s daughter
and I am mother to a Love brighter than the Sun.

I will always be addicted to fun
but I’ll no longer be an abuser.

I am not fond of being used
and I will not be a user.

And I am not a loser.

I am my own worst best friend and I keep my enemies close.

Coexisting with self ain’t half bad.

I wear a lot of masks
and there will always be sides to my story.

But I live in glory
and I reign supreme.

No longer living in a dream.

Tonight just turned into tomorrow
and I
am wide Awake.

So here’s a quick wink and a nod to reflection
and a shimmy to the percussion of my heart

Tonight is for writing with intent to recite
and I think I’ve just done my part.