Bewailing at the Ofrenda

I painted my self a portrait of death for you today
Though it is bone painted flesh that you see
I still breath
I am alive in a dream

And lady death still pierces my ever beating heart
every day that she swallows the stars
like the moment that she snatched yours away from me

Like the moment that I learned to Love the night
look to the sky every time I miss the light
that once shown through your eyes
now floats in the vast darkness of the sky

And I am left here remembering and holding on to these
objects, places and sacred things
They keep you close to me
somewhere beyond this dream

And so safely I lay them out for you my love to see

It is a beautifully painstaking feat
to decorate ofrendas with marigold memories

My heart is singing for you now
This living calavera with bone teeth all smiles
My heart is singing for you now

I will never let go of your love
I will always wish on your stars
I’ll carry your picture till forever never finds me
I walk with you now in my heart

Your death leaves me longing for awakening
though I know it’s not my turn
each day a page that I am left unable to fill with words
words unable to fill the void left by days I still sleep walk without you

Oh how I can’t wait to wake!
Oh how I miss your eyes
and the sounds that your voice would make

I’d tell the cheesiest of jokes if I could make laugh right now
I’d piss you off just to hear you yell
I’d write you poetry to make you weep
I’d do anything for just one peep
of that magnificent roar that is yours

Those that joined you on your journey
to Mictlan
must have been awed by your numinous glory

Dead but not gone
your spirit carries on
Much brighter than the noise I’m bewailing