Can’t keep a good bird down

I keep letting them get me down

I’m creative so my expectations are sometimes askew
And my wealth of wisdom
does not keep me from longing

so sometimes,
I get sad when I’m alone

Some days,
the loneliness consumes me,
but it is the nights
left with no time to write
that haunt me

and so,
I remain the ghost of my old bad habits

A poor misunderstood soul
always seeking something
never really knowing
never really owning
up to my featherbrained faults

My way is sometimes flighty
yet, I have never truly soared

You know,
I still dream of flying the coup
but tonight
I just want to run

I want to run away from every one that didn’t stay
and every love that didn’t stick
and all my worst mistakes

I want to run through the wall that still stands in the way of my dreams made reality
keeping me from turning the page into reality

Read me well
and I will sing the next time you see me



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