Get your hands dirty

and dig.

The timing’s perfect

so dig .

Dig deep


bask in your life source of waves.

Dig beyond bloody root and pulsing vein.

Labor with the Sun

till you dig yourself again

and then just keep digging.

Leave your Monsters in the dirt.

You are here to do work

You’re a hero.

You must keep digging.

Dig that you are constantly changing

and everlasting bliss.

Dig this.

None above or below

compares to the beauty that exists

within the depths of your soul unwinding.

Please keep digging.

The dirt beneath your finger nails

isĀ grit.

And when you work for it,

that wisdom will guide you to glory.

This hole is not the end of your story,

you’ve just yet to see the light.

So dig

with all of your might.

The flowers can not wait to see you.

-S. Roman 2015